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Published July 17, 2020

What is Niche No Essay Scholarship?

Usually, when applying for scholarships, students are expected to submit essays as part of their application. The essays are important as they serve as platforms for students to outline why they are deserving of the scholarship. While the scholarships requiring essays remain the most common variety, niche no essay scholarships are rapidly emerging and gaining popularity. While they remain shrouded in concerns over their legitimacy, there is evidence that most of these scholarships actually help students to fund their studies. Niche No Essay Scholarship is among these rare examples.

So, what is Niche “No Essay” college scholarship? As the name suggests, these are scholarships that waive the requirement of submitting essays while applying. Basically, to apply for these scholarships, students simply need to visit a website where they provide personal details. They then leave it to the websites to search for and present them with scholarships for which they may be eligible.

It is important to understand that the Niche “No Essay” scholarships are not scholarships per se. Even when successful, students cannot expect to receive financing for their education from the websites described above. Basically, these websites simply offer information and access to the wide range of scholarships that are available. Some even provide help with applying for these scholarships. 

Is Niche No Essay Scholarship legitimate?

One of the concerns raised about niche no-essay scholarships regards their legitimacy. There are many who are worried that these scholarships are nothing more than scams. While it is true that there are some scholarships whose legitimacy remains in question, most of the scholarships are indeed legitimate.

For example, Niche is among the websites that are understood to be legitimate. After a student has entered their personal details and the type of scholarship that they seek, Niche presents them with dozens of relevant scholarships.

While it is true that there are many legitimate niche no essay scholarships, students will do well to exercise caution. It is only by being cautious that students can detect and stay clear of scams. It is particularly important for students to be careful when dealing with websites that require payment for their services. 

How is it different from conventional scholarships?

Why would I want to apply for a niche no essay scholarship instead of a conventional scholarship? Well, niche no essay scholarships are different from regular scholarships in various ways. One, as their name indicates, the niche no essay scholarships do not require essays. On the other hand, students often have to accompany their conventional scholarship applications with essays. Two, the conventional scholarships tend to have more restrictive eligibility criteria as opposed to the niche scholarships which are usually open to a wider range of students. 

Perhaps the most important distinction between niche no-essay and conventional scholarships is their application procedure. The procedure for the niche essays tends to be simpler and more straight-forward. For example, as noted earlier, one simply needs to provide their personal information on a website. On the other hand, the conventional scholarships are usually more stringent and rigorous. In addition to submitting an essay, it is not uncommon for students to be required to participate in interviews as well. 

Who can sign up for Niche No Essay Scholarship?

Do I qualify for nice no essay scholarships? Virtually all students are eligible for these types of scholarships. The scholarships are usually varied and accommodating in the type of students that they target. However, there are some basic requirements that nearly all the scholarships expect students to meet. Some of these requirements are outlined in the list below.

  1. Provided that one is in high school, college or graduate school, they are eligible for most of the niche no essay scholarships. However, it is best for students to consult the specific requirements of individual scholarships.
  2. Some scholarships stipulate that at the time of applying, students need to be at least 18 years old. However, some scholarships allow students who are as young as 13 years old to apply provided that these students have obtained consent from their parents or guardians.
  3. Most of the scholarships require that applying students must either already be enrolled or scheduled to enroll within 12 months into an institution whose scholarships are listed on the website that the student is visiting.
  4. There are some websites that host these applications that prohibit the submission of incomplete or inaccurate applications.
  5. In many cases, the number of applications that a single student or household can submit are limited. 
  6. On such websites as, successful students receive prizes directly as opposed to simply being presented with a list of scholarships for which they qualify. 

What are pros and cons of the Niche No Essay Scholarship?

As demonstrated below, niche no essay scholarships have some advantages and drawbacks. Students should carefully consider the cons and the advantages to determine if these scholarships are for them. 


Listed below are some of the advantages of niche no essay scholarship. 

  1. The application process is usually simple with students being spared the requirement of providing essays.
  2. Most of the scholarships offer significant amounts that can make a difference in a student’s journey.
  3. The scholarships tend to be awarded more fairly because random selection processes are used.
  4. Niche no essay scholarship is a legitimate platform for finding information on a wide range of scholarships 


Some of the limitations of niche no essay scholarship include:

  1. This scholarship struggles to shake off claims of illegitimacy.
  2. The selection process is rather opaque.

In closing, while niche no essay scholarship remains a useful tool for finding scholarships, caution in the use of this tool cannot be advised enough. Students should not be blinded by the fact that these scholarships do not require essays. Instead, before applying and even paying money, students should perform due diligence and stay clear of websites that appear illegitimate. 

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